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Thursday, September 15, 2011

14:00-16:00     Arrival and Registration

Conference Room, August-Bebel-Straße 4

16:00-16:30     Welcoming Remarks

Rector, Friedrich-Schiller-University

Dean, School of Philosophy, Friedrich-Schiller-University

Director, Historical Institute, Friedrich-Schiller-University

Introductory Remarks by the Conveners

Jörg Nagler (Friedrich-Schiller-University)

Marcus Gräser (German Historical Insitute, Washington, D.C.)


16:30-18:00     Panel 1

The Dialectics of Nationalism and Universalism

Chair: Jörg Nagler (Friedrich-Schiller-University)

Matthias Middell (Leipzig University)

The Emergence of the Global Condition in the Mid-Nineteenth Century

Richard Carwardine (Oxford University)

Abraham Lincoln: The Nationalist and the Universalist

Axel Jansen (Universität Frankfurt)

The Profession of Science in a National Context: The 1863 Founding of the National Academy of Sciences Globally Considered



Public Keynote Address

Auditorium, Thüringer Universitäts-und Landesbibliothek (University Library)

Stig Förster (University of Bern)

Global Warfare and the American Civil War


20:00-21:30     Reception

Schiller's Gartenhaus Jena


Friday, September 16


9:00-10:30       Panel 2 


Nationbuilding, War and the Question of Inclusion in the Era of the American Civil War

Chair: Nicola Miller (University College London)

Aaron Sheehan-Dean (West Virginia University)

Dying for a Nation: Violence and Nationalism in the Mid-Nineteenth Century

Susan-Mary Grant (Newcastle University)

Civil War Cybernetics: Man, Machine, and the Mechanics of Nineteenth Century Nation-Building

Paul Quigley (University of Edinburgh)

The American Civil War and the Transformation of Citizenship: Transatlantic Perspectives

Enrico Dal Lago (National University of Ireland, Galway)

Nation-Building, Civil War, and Social Revolution in the American South and the Italian Mezzogiorno, 1860-1865


10:30-11:00     Coffee Break


11:00-12:30     Panel 3

The Impact of the American Civil War on the Global Economy

Chair: Jay Sexton (Oxford University)

Brian Schoen (Ohio University)

Southern Wealth, Global Profits: Cotton, Economic Culture, and the Coming of the Civil War

Sven Beckert (Harvard University)

Emancipation and Empire: Reconstructing the Worldwide Web of Cotton Production in the Age of the American Civil War


12:30-14:30     Individual Lunchbreak in Town/ Optional: Lunch package + Taxi to Jena-Cospeda

1806 Battlefield of Jena/Auerstedt above town


14:30-16:00     Panel 4 

The Impact of the American Civil War on the International State System

Chair: Susan-Mary Grant (Newcastle University)

Robert Bonner (Dartmouth College, USA)

Confederate Piracy, Great Power Diplomacy, and Nineteenth Century International Law

Jay Sexton (Oxford University)

International Finance and the Civil War

Richard Blackett (Vanderbilt University, Nashville)

African American Efforts to win British Public Opinion for the Union


16:00- 16:30    Coffee Break

16.30-18:00     Panel 5

The American Civil War and Transnational Ideological Currents I

Chair: Leslie Butler (Dartmouth College, USA)

Don Doyle (University of South Carolina)

Last Best Hope: America's International Civil War

Mischa Honeck (Heidelberg University/ GHI Washington D.C.)

Uprooted Emancipators: Transatlantic Abolitionism, the American Civil War, and the Politics of Belonging

Paul Finkelman (Albany Law School)

How the American Civil War Changed the World of Slavery


19:30               Dinner

                       Restaurant "Zur Noll"



Saturday, September 17


9:30-11:00       Panel 6

The American Civil War and Transnational Ideological Currents II

Chair: Don Doyle (University of South Carolina)

Leslie Butler (Dartmouth College, USA)

Assuming "A Democracy Can Think": Transatlantic Contexts of Civil War Liberalism

Hartmut Keil (Leipzig University)

Francis Lieber and the American Civil War

Axel Körner (University College London)

Slavery and the Civil War. Italian Perspectives.

11:00-11:20      Coffebreak

11:20-12:45     Panel 7

Contemporary (Self-) Perceptions and Analyses of the American Civil War

Chair: Hartmut Keil (Leipzig University)

Amanda Brickell Bellows (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Memory and Myth-Making: Post-emancipation Literary Portrayals of Peasants in Russia and Freedmen in the American South

Nimrod Tal (Oxford University)

British and Irish Projections of the American Civil War to America, 1870-1922

Nicola Miller (University College London)

The American Civil war and its Impact on Latin America

12:45-14:15     Lunchbreak at Venue


14:15-16:00     Panel 8

Slavery, Emancipation, Racism

Chair: Marcus Gräser (German Historical Institute, Washington, D.C.)

Andrew Zimmerman (George Washington University)

Africa and the American Civil War: Slavery, Migration and Empire

Nicholas Guyatt (York University, England)

The American Civil War and its Impact on the Caribbean

Zachary Sell (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)

From Ormond to Regalia: The Civil War and Sugar Plantations in South Louisiana and British Honduras, 1860-1872

Evan C. Rothera (The Pennsylvania State University)

Beyond Comparative Emancipation: Comparative Reconstructions as a Category of Analysis


16:00-16:10     Short Coffee Break

16:15     Bus to Weimar

17:00-19:00    Guided Outdoor Tour in Weimar

19:00             Individual Dinner in Weimar

21:30             Bus Departure back to Jena

Sunday, September 18



Roundtable Discussion and Closing Remarks by the Organizers




End of Conference