International Conference: “ The Transnational Significance of the American Civil War: A Global History”

The Civil War not only was the culmination point of a hitherto "unfinished nation" and the central crisis in American history but also had significant international or even global ramifications that encompassed political, social, economic and military dimensions. In the age of nationalism and nation building, rising liberal democracies, the world simultaneously also experienced increasing globalized capitalist economies that became interdependent from each other.

The American Civil War and its outcome were central to these transformations. With the liberations of over four millions slaves who had produced most of the world supply of raw cotton prior to 1861, manufactures had to find new supply areas and channels for the pivotal raw material for one of the world's largest industries. The globalization of the cotton empire was one of the results of the American Civil War. Besides these pertinent economic dimensions of the transnational significance of the American Civil War, however, we will address the social, political and cultural world-wide implications of this civil war.